JUCKER HAWAII Mini Cruiser Wheels Pau Hana


Rough, Progressive, Fast.

Despite solid hardness, the rollers bring the necessary grip and a rich rolling speed on the road. The already roughened surface and the rounded lips set clear priorities: Eat, Sleep, Slide, Repeat.

Off course you can use them just for cruising too, but it could be that they get bored in the long run. Our test/team rider Lukas has butterflies in his stomach, since the test phase and prefers to use them for downhill, stand up slides and fast freeride.

The 65mm make the PAU HANA wheels  very agile, but also fast accelerating mini cruiser wheel. So you get back on track quickly after slides.

The offset makes them extremely “slidey” and allows a correspondingly long slides. The roughened surface (Stoneground Finish) helps you to get into the slide smoothly from the beginning. This makes it the perfect wheel for standup beginners who want to keep their slides longer.

Our tip: Do not slide completely at a 90 degree angle, as this increases the risk of flat spots.

In conclusion, the PAU HANA wheels are very smooth slide wheels, which does not want to break any top speed records, but convinces with its maneuverability and slide performance.

We recommend them for sliding, for standup slides (even beginners) and for cruising in the city.

Enjoy your Slide!

In stock


  • Application: Sliding, Stanup slides, Cruising
  • Color: Blue with Wheel-Print on both sides
  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • Width: 47 mm
  • Contact Patch: 40 mm
  • Durometer: 80A
  • Needed Spacer: 10 mm
  • Delivery: Four in a Set
  • Thane Lines: not included. –> You have to make then yourself.


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