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The Cause

We generate and support projects worldwide which encourage youth- and development aid through the meaningful and identity establishing  power of skateboarding.

We support kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. No matter if it’s in Palestine, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Bolivia or Africa…in times of adversity the pedagogical power of skateboarding brings unity, equality and a stable social environment. That enables great growth in self esteem, community awareness, personal responsibility, determination and free development of the individual, regardless of social background, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, nationality or culture… and most importantly: good times. Every little help can change something for these kids and transform a community and the future of it. Supplying skateboards and skateboard equipment and building new skateboard parks are the main tools to provide education for a brighter, safer future. We want to help kids to have a real childhood with fun, energy and joyfulness, JUCKER HAWAI is a major supporter of skate-aid and the skate-aid philosophy and very soon the 2nd collaboration board will be in the shops. With every board sold a certain amount goes directly into our projects. So far the unbelievable amount of 25.000 Euro was generated for the skate-aid projects”.

skate-aid is a NGO from Muenster, Germany,
To get more infos about skate-aid and all of the projects around the world please check www.skate-aid.org and

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