Our Passion

Mike Jucker

Mike is skateboarder / snowboarder / surfer and stand-up-paddler living in Hawaii for over 14 years. When the ocean goes flat, you can find Mike riding his longboard in the streets of Maui or at his newly opened skate shop in Lahaina.

Mike’s journey started at the age of 12 when he was first introduced to a skateboard. When skateboarding experienced its revival in the mid eighties in Switzerland Mike was right there in the midst of it all in his home town of Zürich.

Shortly after Snowboarding found its way into the Swiss Alps and once again Mike was amongst the first people to compete in Snowboarding in Switzerland.

Along the way the Mike got introduced to surfing and never stopped dreaming about the ocean live style. He pursued his dream in his early 20ties and after a long journey across the globe he found his way to Hawai’i

You can read the full story on Mikes pursuit of the surfing dream on this web site.

Mr. O'Barns

Mr. Barns, is “Silent SUP Pioneer” (Quote: Stand Up Magazin) and Surfer for over 30 years. He was one of the first “Windskaters” in Europe.