Honolua Cause

Help Saving and Maintaining Honolua Bay


JUCKER HAWAI’I is committed to do it’s part in  supporting our community in protecting the environment. Save Honolua Coalition  has  done a  tremendous job, saving Honolua Bay and beyond from development. Now its time to keep it that way and strengthen the coalition in their efforts to keep Honolua Bay as  pristine as it ever was.

The Vision

Maintain open space, public access and revitalize the health of the  Honolua Ahupua’a through community management utilizing Native  Hawaiian practices and values.

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Perpetuate and Restore

• Perpetuate the undeveloped land at and
around Honolua Bay and Lipoa Point for
future generations by acquiring the land and
creating a type of community land trust.

• Restore health to the land and bay utilizing
Hawaiian practices, returning natural stream
flow, and reintroducing native Hawaiian plants.

Protect and Inform

• Protect Honolua with a community-based
management plan. Create a balance be
tween human activity and natural resources,
so the ecosystem will thrive.

• Inform the public about current threats to
Honolua and organize positive public action
in support of Honolua.

Help us helping Save Honolua Coalition.